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To get around the beautiful city of Charlotte  the light rail is probably an easier way to downtown. Here are the links below for your information.

Getting Started

Here is how you can familiarize yourself with the LYNX Blue Line map and the schedule in order to ride the newest addition to the Charlotte Transportation scene.

Use the Menu links above to figure out the station you want to catch the train to get to your destination. To decide what time to catch the train we have a link to the official schedule below. Connecting services to the LYNX Blue Line are provided by a good number of CATS bus routes.

Schedule Information can be accessed here:

LYNX light rail Schedule information

Fare Information can be accessed here:

LYNX Light Rail Fare Information


You can plan your trip using these tools:

Trip Planner

Google Transit


Ticketing Information

You are required to have a valid ticket or pass in order to travel. If you fail to provide a valid ticket you could end up with a citation of $50.

Your tickets need to be up to date and officially time-stamped. On this account therefore, note that STS yellow tickets and ten ride passes will be void on the LYNX Blue Line.

Another thing about LYNX is that they do not accept cash, therefore customers are required to possess pass or ticket.

For customer who haven’t purchased a ticket, they can get them from a TVM (Ticket Vending Machine) which are located at all station platforms. The tickets prices are indicated on the TVM.

Fare Information can be accessed here:

LYNX Light Rail Fare Information


Traveling Ettiquettes On A LYNX Train

Before the arrival of any train, there is an audio broadcast announcement that is made on the station platform to inform any passenger of the destination in which the oncoming train will be alighting.

So how do you go about boarding a train? Below are some few hints.

i.         Make sure you are standing at a safe distance from the tactile edge of the platform. An appropriate distance would be 3ft.

ii.         You won’t have to flag the train down. All operating LYNX trains must stop at each station they pass.

iii.         Only board a train when it has stopped completely and its doors are fully open. In case the doors fail to open, push a flashing button that is located at the center of the train’s door to initiate the process.

  • Make sure you give space for all passengers to alight before boarding the train.
  • DO NOT lean at the door since it’s dangerous, you can hold on firmly to the hand rail or find a seat.
  • Get ready to provide your valid ticket or pass in case a CATS Fare Inspector asks you to provide it for verifications.


Before exiting the train or a few minutes before it stops, gather everything you had and get ready to alight. When the train stops, move in an orderly way towards the door and leave the train once the doors are completely open. Again in case the doors do not open completely, try pushing the flashing button at the center of the doors to start the opening process.


Once you have left the train, keep a safe distance away from it so that other passengers can safely board the train.

For latest information on Lynx Light Rail – Click below to go to official website.